make an impression

Award-winning creative graphic design, advertising and marketing solutions for both print and web.

Imaginative design, integrated campaigns, communications that have impact and motivate to action — are just part of the outrageous customer service waiting for you with Levinson Design.

Celebrating our 21st year.

  • It's creative problem-solving.

    It's creative problem-solving.

    You have a message, we have a visual solution. It’s the who, what, why, where and how of getting your marketing voice across to your customers.

  • We call it our outrageous customer service program.

    We call it our outrageous customer service program.

    Designing out what’s in your head, getting you set up on the web, seeing your piece into print. We’re your partner through the process.

  • Experienced, resourceful, with a proven track record delivering powerful design and coding. Too many projects? Not enough hands? We deliver creativity on demand.

what our fans say

One of the finest graphic designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She effortlessly performs her “magic” typically with little input from a customer and will recommend and include enhancements that ordinarily are major cost uplift from other artists.
I highly recommend her work.